…and a Vorchumentary

I’ve been documenting the development of The Spirit of Adventure since the very beginning.  As far back as four years ago I started talking to myself about the project idea as I walked through the park.  While once I would have felt self-conscious, these days … Continue reading…and a Vorchumentary

Technical Credits to-date

The planning for performances and recordings start months and years before anyone sees or hears the results, and often the people who are at the beginning stand at the back of the room (metaphorically and/or really) making sure everything supports itself.  The behind the scenes … Continue readingTechnical Credits to-date

Our Sponsors

While we want it to look and feel like music-making just magically happens, there are costs associated with putting a performance together…and recording a live album…and producing a documentary about the process.  Most importantly it means paying people what they deserve. I’m likely preaching to … Continue readingOur Sponsors