Room capacity 250
Our Hugh’s Room Live album release concert was a great success.  Fraser Anderson opened the evening with a gorgeous set of songs, including one from his upcoming new release, and a bunch of my favorites.

Photo by david sereda

Then 24 singers and the band and I gathered around the grand piano to played our hearts out.  It was kind of fortuitous that a handful of vorchestra members were absent (something that will happen when singers are also actors, touring musicians, producers, and human beings with family commitments) because we nearly spilled off the stage.   Something important that I learned – we need an encore.   The last song is really an upriser and people want more on the roller coaster.  I’m on the job and an encore – if ever requested again – will be ready.

Photo: Julie Hill

As the house sound tech, and someone who knows how to make voices soar Colin Puffer did a beautiful job on the sound.   Our food before the show was excellent, Danke behind the bar kept everyone lubricated, and the staff took excellent care of the large crowd of attendees.

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