Arlene Bishop & The Spirit of Adventure will make an exciting,  colourful, and expressive addition to music festivals.  With the all encompensing intention of community building,  we bring people in and welcome participation,  while providing structure, drama, and performance spectacle.

Photo by Julie Hill, Hugh’s Room Live

Originally a 30-person vorchestra with a conductrix, and a 3-person band all supporting performing singer-songwriter Arlene Bishop, The Spirit of Adventure is a deeply soulful and joyful experience of original songs.  For festivals, the vorchestra size will be smaller, supplemented by fans and musos at the festivals.

Front person, guitarist and vocalist Arlene Bishop, along with conductrix Miss John Copping, and a small-version-ensemble of The Spirit of Adventure (6-8 persons), and the trio rhythm section, will run a series of workshops inviting other musicians and music lovers to join in and learn vorchestral parts to original Bishop songs, all culminating in a performance that will include workshop participants and is certain to draw in the audience to participate.

What a sing-along!

The goals of the workshops are musical, of course, but there will also be tips on stage performance, vocal exercises, and encouragement for shy singers to come forward.  Being of diverse backgrounds, open hearts, and multi-spirits, we do our best to represent the Canadian mosaic and believe in parity.

Arlene has previously performed at festivals across Canada and looks forward to sharing The Spirit of Adventure with festival audiences.

We are currently booking for the 2018 festival season.
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