New Project & Patreon

Next to my son, this will be the biggest thing I’ve ever produced

Each of my indie albums has a bigger experience attached to it; with Twenty Four there were twelve producers, with Cut a Man’s Heart Out there was a new song premiered during a weekly residence; with Snarky Girlpop songs were written from the recording floor; and Pinky launched my recording career from an at-home studio before at-home studios were a thing. This new album project is the biggest thing I’ve ever done: I’m creating a huge singing ensemble as part of the band. It’s a community experience in a show about experiencing community and I need a little help from patrons.

become-my-patron-on-patreonI’ve launched a fundraising campaign on a site called Patreon. It’s a is a crowdfunding platform that allows artists to obtain funding from their fans or patrons, on a recurring basis, or per artwork. It’s unlike Kickstarter or Indiegogo in that it’s not a one-time big amount thing. It’s an ongoing, monthly, tiny amount thing.

In my case, I’m documenting the album preproduction – starting with the singing component – and posting videos every month showing the rehearsals. For you who sign up through Patreon it’ll be a per video micro pledge. You commit to paying an amount per uploaded video (you can set a monthly maximum) and help me reach Goals to help me get this project done. Your commitment can start as low as $1 (yes, one dollar per video with a set maximum) or you can choose any amount that works for you. If you can’t contribute that’s okay, I understand, you can still enjoy some of the process and see some of the stuff going on. What’ll you get as a patron? Well, aside from being an integral part of the thing actually happening, I’ll be sharing knowledge and lessons in the video journal, music and lots of other entertaining stuff.

For patrons who sign up to Patreon there’ll be lots more bonuses, includng the final product. So come on over and see the project plan and my dog Bob Marley’s delightful explanation at Patreon!



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