Together Tonight (Live in Concert) is the fifth album by Album Bishop and while it’s her most adventurous project to-date, it fits in an exciting catalogue of uncategorizable songs.

Twenty Four

Twenty Four is Twelve Twice is a heart-wrenching album with twelvesongs presented twice:  live solo acoustic performances are lovingly rearranged by twelve near and dear producers. Home of Begin Again and Save Me.

Cut a Man’s Heart Out

Cut a Man’s Heart Out is a deeply passionate collection of studio performances recorded while building a human being.  It includes Metaphor, and You Can’t Bend the River.

Snarky Girlpop

Snarky Girlpop is presented by a killer band and is home to the hit 98 Points and the cult classics Eddie Standing Ready and My Way of Saying Goodbye.  Listed as one of Canada’s favourite indie recordings.


Pinky is the little beginning of everything, home to Spin Another One, Human Being, and the underground favourite Small Girlish Hands.



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Together Tonight

Together Tonight

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Together Tonight, Twenty Four,
Cut a Man’s Heart Out (download only), Snarky Girlpop, and Pinky.

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