Technical Credits to-date

The planning for performances and recordings start months and years before anyone sees or hears the results, and often the people who are at the beginning stand at the back of the room (metaphorically and/or really) making sure everything supports itself.  The behind the scenes crew makes it happen.  This is who has been involved so far:


Live Album Recording by James Paul and Dave Joseph, The Rogue Music Lab
Creative Whisperer, Scott Dibble
Photography and Video by Scott Murdoch, Five by Five Photography
Performances produced by Arlene Bishop/The Twelve Steves, with Lauren Atmore, project coordinator
Arrangement recordings produced by Elana Harte
featuring Arlene Bishop, Elana Harte, Kim Jarrett, and Tory Cassis
Videos produced by Arlene Bishop/The Twelve Steves
Additional videography by Owen Packham
Graphics by The Twelve Steves with additional illustrations by David John Shaw
Props by RinkyDink Display
Hummery arrangement by John Copping
The Social Capital venue coordinated by Carmine Lucarelli