Click on this image to automatically download the Together Tonight Songbook.  The strumming and singing part is up to you.

I feel like I should have something to say about these lyrics, which is weird because I already thought and wrote what I have to say about them and those thoughts about those things became these lyrics.

But I will say something about writing songs while thinking about other people singing them:  it was an interesting experience of allowing various parts of myself come forward while writing.  I allowed myself to contradict or support my core ideas, so the words I chose to be highlighted often act as myself, my conscience, or my expectations.  Usually these roles are played out by the parts of the songs (verse, chorus, and bridge) but I expanded some of those sections so that there are A, B, and C verses and double choruses, and maybe a brief bridge.  Just having fun, I guess, while I was writing, entertaining or punishing myself, believing or calling myself a liar, understanding or askingmore questions along the way.  That’s all really too analytical and likely wrongly described anyway.  They’re just words.  I should have stayed with my initial idea to not say anything.