Hear the Songs

Learning the parts of the songs is easy. Just listen to these rough demos, follow along in the lyrics, and sing along with the parts that feel right. 

These recordings are rough demos, meaning they aren’t broadcast quality.

I recorded the songs live and the core vorchestra (Tory Cassis, Kim Jarrett, and Elana Harte) recorded their back up parts afterward. The mix was fast, there are some knocks* and noises, and they aren’t mastered. Really, they are snapshots into the songs.

*Ah, the knocks. We recorded the songs during the hottest part of the summer at Elana’s home studio and her young dog Harvey was a wiggly studio assistant who insisted on sitting next to me during the recording. Harvey passed away from a congenital kidney issue some months later. Hearing his bumps and thumbs remind me of him. Like I said: snapshots.