Together Tonight Reviews

Producer, songwriter, performer Kevin Quain dropped off this note:
“I’m listening to your new record right now it’s gorgeous and hilarious and inspiring and you can quote me on that. If I ever I do a live record I’m definitely calling it ‘A Hostage Situation’* ”
ED: *which is an inside joke from the album…not about listening to it 🙂

Check out this lovely feature
written by by Roxanne Tellier in muso legend blog Bob Segarini: Don’t Believe a Word I Say
“Lotsa good names, there.
I will confess that I was dying to be part of her movable feast. However, I was a little shy, and living in Scarborough. The travel time alone would have been horrendous.
Still wish I’d done it, though. Sometimes I can be a real wuss.”

Thank you to CTV for coming out the Hugh’s Room Live concert and shooting a bit of video to share with your viewers.

Music News Digest, Nov. 17, 2017

Highly-acclaimed Toronto singer/songwriter Arlene Bishop launched her fifth album, Together Tonight, with a show at Hugh’s Room Live this week. Her most ambitious project yet, the collection was recorded live-in-front-of-the-audience and features 30 guest singers and a band she jointly terms The Spirit of Adventure.
The impressive list of guest singers (a vorchestra) includes John Alcorn, Meryn Cadell, Tory Cassis, John Copping, Hotcha!, Heather Morgan, Adam Faux, Fergus Hambleton, Terra Hazelton, Blair Packham, Robert Priest, David Sereda, and Julian Taylor. Word is the concert was smashing.