Video Diary

I’ve been documenting the development of The Spirit of Adventure since the very beginning.  As far back as four years ago I started talking to myself about the project idea as I walked through the park.  While once I would have felt self conscious, these days everyone films everything so I was less concerned about looking conspicuous.  Each step along the way I video-documented what was happening and the rehearsals and final concerts will also be filmed.  Want to see where we last left off?  Check it out here.

ARLENE BISHOP & VORCHESTRA Do It Again/Something Right

ARLENE BISHOP Nothing Vorchestra Arrangement

ARLENE BISHOP Rehearsal Three Highlight

Between Episodes Arlene & Jen Talk Vocal Arranging Over Coffee

ARLENE BISHOP Vorchestrations Part Two, The Reckoning

ARLENE BISHOP Vorchestrations Part One

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