…and a Vorchumentary

I’ve been documenting the development of The Spirit of Adventure since the very beginning.  As far back as four years ago I started talking to myself about the project idea as I walked through the park.  While once I would have felt self-conscious, these days everyone films everything so I was less concerned about looking conspicuous.  Each step along the way I video-documented what was happening and the rehearsals and final concerts will also be filmed.  I’m encouraging people to turn off their ringers but to take video from time to time, and then send it in to me.  It’ll be great to add other perspectives to the overall story.

The video is going to be especially important as we go into the final stretch because there are some chums who won’t be able to join us and I want them to be a part of the process.  So, we’ll figure out how to stream this stuff because (I’m thinking of you, Michael, and John, in particular) who should and would be here if they could.

Want to see where we last left off?  Check out the video series so far.